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Dr. Gerardo Leibner

Latin American revolutionaries in a transnational context, 1959-1979.
Social transformations and social values under dictatorship, Montevideo 1973-1984.

Prof. Raanan Rein

Modern history of Latin America and Spain
Populist movements in Latin America
Immigration, ethnicity and identity in South America
Sports and politics in Latin America

Dr. Rosalie Sitman

Identity, politics and culture on both sides of the Andes: An intellectual biography of Samuel Glusberg

Cultural dialogues among literary reviews in the Southern Cone.

Dr. Ori Preuss

Nineteenth century Latin America with a special focus on Brazil
Transnational cultural exchanges within Latin America
New diplomatic history
Entangled history
History and translation

Prof. (emérito) Tzvi Medin

The reception of Ortega y Gasset in Spain during the 20century: philosophy, culture, society and political ideology.
The application of the hermeneutic theory in the field of intellectual history.

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